Sherry MorganFor myself and the rest of the 5 Day Business Forms family, Avon 39 the walk to end breast cancer, is deeply personal. Because we are not just coworkers - we are family.

When Sherry Morgan joined our 5 Day family, during the fall of 1988, we were blessed with her infectious laugh, sense of humor and her compassionate ability to lift up those around her, when they were hurting. Then, just a handful of years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since Sherry was a fighter, she fought with every bit of the arsenal currently available, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and prayer.

To our great sadness, Sherry died from metastatic breast cancer on December 14, 1996, at the age of 34, leaving behind her husband, two young children, her mother, twin brother and all of us. The void she left was a wound for us at 5 Day Business Forms; one that has healed in time.

But we will never forget Sherry Morgan. This is for her and for so many other important, compassionate and brave women who have or will fight breast cancer. We pray for a cure. We invite you to join us in supporting research and treatment to make this happen. Soon.

God bless,

Les Messick, President