Laser compatible, integrated line of products for use in direct mail along with many practical applications. Integrating is the process where the paper is die cut, then laminated one or both sides to produce a card, label or magnet combined within the sheet.
  • Integrated cards – ID cards, alumni membership cards, insurance cards, loyalty and incentive programs.
  • Integrated labels – Return authorizations on invoices/packing slips, medical industry for vials and charts, address labels for non-profits.
  • Integrated magnets – Emergency hotline numbers, delivery service information, help service and customer service contact.
  • Hydalam – This patented technology makes for an easy to use, peel & reveal design that is tamper evident and delivers 100% block out of sensitive data PIN numbers, medical test results, gaming codes.
  • Repositionable notes – Teaser copy, redeemable coupons, reminder notices, etc.